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RealDolmen CRM
RealDolmen CRM
RealDolmen CRM
CRM Solution Consultant (M/F)
 NL-FR-EN, +1 year exp.
CRM Solution Sales (M/F)
 NL-FR-EN, +4 year exp.

CRM for Insurance

As a "CRM for Insurance" specialist with 10 years CRM experience in Insurance Companies in Belgium like Allianz, AXA, Fortis, Mercator, Chartis (ex-AIG), Mensura, Delta Lloyd Life, HPGBelgium, etc.., RealDolmen CRM-Travi@ta knows Insurers have to face many challenges:

RealDolmen CRM for Insurance is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and contains:
RealDolmen CRM for Insurance contains all the insurance specific tables and relationships, needed to support Direct and Indirect distribution channels:
  • The indirect model, also called “Broker Relationship  Management or BRM”, helps Insurance Companies to manage their relation with intermediaries like brokers and agents.
  • The direct distribution model, called “Customer Relationship Management or CRM”, helps Insurance Companies to manage their relation with the final customer (individuals or enterprises).
  • A mixed model of both Direct and Indirect distribution is also supported.
RealDolmen CRM for Insurance core model                          

  • The Single View of Customer provides a 360-degree client view in a dashboard where you can see all the important details of the customer in a snapshot
  • You can also drill down in details for further information.
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Single View of the Customer - click to enlarge

  • Basic information
  • Profile data (structure of offices with collaborators, broker segmentation (VIP, Gold, ...), specific agreements, ...
  • Business profile i.e.
    • Broker organisation, status and rating, customer preferred target
    • Contracts portfolio and estimation for other companies (contracts branch, contract volumes, total premium, ...)
    • Premium information (total premium value per category of products, premium movements in & out, ...)
    • Risk information (total capital under risk per category of products, ...)
    • Commission information
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Single View of the Broker - click to enlarge

  • Register all contact moments
  • Schedule and manage simple and complex tasks
  • Capture and access every customer activity, including all communication transactions, such as appointments, dates, telephone calls, e-mails, letters, meetings
  • Synchronize CRM activities and calendars with Microsoft Outlook
  • Delegate actions
  • Integrate Workflows
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  • Gather consistent customer data in a single information repository to better understand each customer’s worth and to enhance and cultivate profitable customer relationships.
  • Analyze integrated customer information to better target your marketing and sales.
  • Identify influencers, constituents, allies and roadblocks for each account.
  • Better understand complex organizational structures with hierarchal relationship tracking.
  • Promote Office Outlook contacts and email messages to Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a few clicks.
  • Empower your sales force with real-time access to customer data from any web-enabled device
  • Reduce wasted cycles with robust data import and data deduplication features...
  • Define key performance and business health indicators.
  • Track and measure results against your organization's goals or metrics.
  • Easily and quickly define goals for a campaign or fiscal period.
  • Combine smaller goals, such as for specific teams or territories, into the overall goals for your organization.
  • Create a rollup of all the goals into the actuals that show how you are tracking.
  • Manage Sales Force
  • Manage Sales Territories i.e. structure, modify territories, teams, ...
  • Manage Sales Opportunities & Offers and their associated results i.e. open opportunities, missed ones, pending offers, rejected ones, ... (and reasons)
  • Manage cross-selling activities
  • Manage Commissioning process 
  • Sales Process Automation (opportunity, quote, order)
    • Cross -Sell
    • Up-Sell
  • Sales force target and KPIs management
  • Daily activity management with due date and escalation
  • All accesible from MS Outlook
    • Manage Marketing Campaign
    • Create and maintain target lists and segmentations
    • Setup and launch Marketing Campaigns (preparation and follow-up)
    • Manage Mass e-Mailing
    • Manage Marketing Campaign Budget
    • Budget allocated & spent per broker / customer
    • Manage Events such as trainings, marketing actions, product info sessions, ...
    • Event Planning & Logistics i.e. the venue, the presenters, the catering, the content preparation
    • Event Attendance i.e. invitations, registrations & tracking of attendance
    • Event Status i.e. measure of the effectiveness (# of attendance, impact, …)
    • Lead Capture
      • Import leads from files
      • Internet Lead Capture
    • Lead Qualification
    • Lead Assignment & Follow-up
  • SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION (Facebook - LinkedIn - Twitter):
    • Friend invitation
    • Facebook attributes in CRM
    • Publish campaign on Facebook
    • Campaign Detail on Facebook
    • Application Screen for Friends
    • LinkedIn access from CRM
    • Send tweets directly from CRM
Customer Care  (Complaint management & customer satisfaction)
  • Complaint resolution in CRM
    • Simple vision:” Customer tells the story only once!”
    • Complaints are assigned to queues for operations (26 queues defined)
    • SLA’s are defined on segments and priorities of complaint types
    • Customer experience manaement with surveys
  • Inquiry
  • Suggestion
  • Call Center Automation
  • Reports
  • Exports to Excel
  • Dashboards
  • Lists & views
VIDEO: CRM for Insurance
Please contact us for more information about our RealDolmen CRM for Insurance Solution.
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