Traviata contains all the insurance specific functionalities needed to support Direct and Indirect distribution channels or a mix of both models in a single environment, to address the challenges and priorities that are proper to the insurance industry.

The Single View of the Customer centralizes information about parties (policy holders, beneficiaries...) that is often spread over different departments in one single 360° view.> More

Manage policies directly in the system or by retrieving information managed in another system. Easily access the information related to a policy such as the policy holder, the beneficiaries, risk objects, clauses, account balance, etc. > More

Traviata CRM for Insurance Claims management offers an integrated 360° view and uses business process flows and other features of Dynamics 365 to optimize the handling of claims. > More

When working with intermediaries (B2B2C or indirect business model), Traviata can support business processes focusing on the animation of the distribution channel and follow up on the sales pipeline. > More

Support your Insurance specific business processes: increase operational efficiency, acquire new business, improve service, benefit from Business Intelligence capabilities, integrate exisiting systems and solutions, incorporate regulatory and compliance changes, automate workflows, etc. > More

Save time and improve user experience by building personalized Single Views.
Single View Builder is included as a standard feature in Traviata CRM for Insurance Carriers, but is also available as a separate add-on.> More

Sales Journey Assistant helps sales forces organize recurring visits and supports them during the entire sales journey.
Sales Journey Assistant is included as a standard feature in Traviata CRM for Insurance Carriers, but is also available as a separate add-on.> More

Traviata CRM for Insurance Carriers contains many more features: marketing management, reporting/dashboards, product catalog, compliance management, contact management, etc.> More