Distribution Network Management

When working with intermediaries (B2B2C or indirect business model), Traviata can support business processes focusing on the animation of the distribution channel and follow up on the sales pipeline.

Know your Broker (KYB)

Whether the insurer relies on an internal network (agencies) or works with external companies (brokers), intermediary companies and their collaborators can be managed in our Traviata solution.

The Single View of the Broker/intermediary gives a 720° overview of the broker, specific agreements and mandates, the portfolio composition and market share, business plan and goals achievement, business profile, organization (collaborators), status and rating, customer preferred target, the connected contact persons from the insurance company and their role, a timeline that shows an overview of the last activities, etc…

DEMO: Single View of the Broker:

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Monitoring of broker performance and mandates

Track each broker’s performance and create alerts to identify brokers who may need additional training and education.
Follow up on goals on a daily basis and intervene where necessary, based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
Manage agreements concluded with each individual intermediary and follow up on mandates that attest the capability of selling specific products.

Improved communication with brokers

Brokers are usually not tied to one brand, which makes relationship management even more complex. Support independent brokers more effectively with targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns, and offer them more opportunities for incentives, training and personal development. As a result, the quality and frequency of communication between business managers and brokers will improve, and broker recruitment and retention will increase.


Single View of the Broker 1
Single View of the Broker 2
Single View of the Broker 3
Broker Timeline