More Functionalities

Traviata CRM for Insurance Carriers contains many more features: marketing management, reporting/dashboards, product catalog, compliance management, contact management, etc.

Marketing Management

Identify high-value clients, segment target audience and develop appropriate, targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Reporting / Dashboards

Benefit from dashboards tailored to individual user groups. Drill down to the individual records in a report. Create reports on any data within the solution or from external applications.

Product catalog

Manage product catalog: product branches, products and guarantees. Get an overview of product usage, performance (premiums vs. compensation), segmentation, etc. Due to the specificities of price calculation, it is possible to integrate a premium rate calculator/simulator. This integration reduces the needs of maintaining the pricing configuration in many systems and also guarantees that the calculated price is the same whatever the quotation tool used.

Compliance Management

Incorporate regulatory and compliance changes to help ensure products and policies are being sold and managed in full compliance. Centralize and streamline claims contact management with automated workflow to help ensure all steps are completed on time and within approved, compliant processes.

Contact Management 

Manage complex hierarchies within syndicates, groups, offices or specialist departments. Track detailed information around personal preferences to drive marketing / event invitations. Segment by region, class of business, or specialism. Track soft relationships between people and companies within the system.