Policy Management

Manage policies directly in the system or by retrieving information managed in another system. Easily access the information related to a policy such as the policy holder, the beneficiaries, risk objects, clauses, account balance, etc.

Policy Lifecycle

Policy management is articulated around a policy lifecycle: being created, active, suspended, being cancelled, cancelled. Track all changes in policies into separate versions with policy versioning. 

Centralization of Policy Holder Information

Integrate sales, marketing, and customer service functions, allowing your agents and service representatives to access and share complete information across departments, product lines, channels, or intermediaries.

Each member of the client service team has access to information that includes customer profile and history, relationships, and support records, increasing client confidence and improving office productivity. Information on prospective accounts is captured, so even if they don’t accept the initial quote and move to policy origination, the service team can keep them as a lead and contact them again.

Single View of the Policy
Policy Timeline