• Product_customer-engagement

    Customer Engagement

    Success in business is all about customers – finding, keeping satisfied and creating ambassadors. It is about keeping them engaged.

  • Successful business is all about customers - finding, serving, keeping satisfied, loyal customers.  
    Core features include:

    • Know Your Customer (KYC): preferences, investor profile, segmentation, …
    • Single 360° View of the Customer
    • Customers or Parties as an individual, company or group / households
    • Parties Management (beneficiaries, policy holders, risk objects, coverages, clauses, account balance, …)
    • Lead Generation & Qualification
    • Opportunity & Quotes Management
    • Full Sales Journey Support (Qualify, Prepare, Visit, Report) through Sales Journey Assistant (SJA)
    • Premium simulation / calculation tools
    • Account balance (follow-up payments)
  • Product_quote-policy-management

    Quote & Policy Management

    Traviata helps you from lead to policy by offering quote functionality and policy management.

  • Traviata centralizes policy holder information by integrating sales, marketing and customer service functions, allowing your agents and service representatives to access and manage complete information across departments, product lines, channels or intermediaries. Traviata supports managing policies directly in the system or by retrieving information managed in another system providing. 

    • Policy Lifecycle Management (being created, active, suspended, being cancelled, cancelled)
    • Policy Versioning: tracing any change in any policy
    • Centralized Policy Holder Information
    • Policy Single View
    • Policy Underwriting
    • Insurance Products and Warranties Management
    • Risk Objects Management
    • Core Insurance Management
  • feature_claims-management

    Claims Management

    Claims are “moments of truth” and the are decisive in customer satisfaction. Imagine to have a solution that allows you to manage the whole process from start to end with that in mind.

  • Traviata CRM for Insurance Claims Management offers an Integrated 360° View and uses business process flows and other features of Dynamics 365 to optimize the handling of claims.

    Claims Process through definable steps:

    • Registration (Multi-Channel, Self-Service Portal)
    • Identification (party, polis/version, incident type, provider coverage,…)
    • Validation
    • Status: quittances, incident, …
    • Risk Object (coverage, circumstances, counter party, photos/proof, ….)
    • Inspection Journey Support (Qualify, Prepare, Visit, Report) through Sales Journey Assistant (SJA)
    • Claims Reserves
    • Approval / Rejection
    • Omni-Channel Communication
    • Activity (Intermediary) / Provider Support,…
    • Claims Settlement Support
    • Adjustment
  • Product_distributor-network-management

    Distributor Network Management

    Traviata supports all engagement channels from including direct, agents, brokers and embedding resellers.

  • Traviata offers Insurance Software Services for distributors, including agents, brokers and intermediaries. 
    Core features include:

    Know Your Broker (KYB):  both internal networks (agencies) or external companies (brokers), intermediary companies and their collaborators can be managed.

    Single View of the Broker/Intermediary: offers a 720° overview of the broker, agreements, mandates, portfolio composition, market share, business plan, goals achievement, business profile, organization (collaborators), status and rating, customer preferred target, connected contact persons from the insurer, activity time line, …

    • Support Independent Brokers through Targeted Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns
    • Improve Broker-Insurer Communication
    • Monitor Broker Performance and Mandates
  • Product_svb

    360 Degree view

    Having a 360 Degree view on your customers is essential in customer engagement. Read more about our integrated Single View Builder solution.

  • With Single View Builder, you can build personalized and graphical Single Views to get an instant 360° view of customers, quotes, campaigns, cases, contracts, etc. by grouping any kind of information about any entity in one single screen using graphs, colors and icons. The solution consists of:

    • Several View components (all PCF Controls fully leveraging all capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform): Tile View, Tree View, Timeline View, Grid View, Map View
    • Display Process Stages into your Single View.
    • Build Dynamic Button Pads: to create new related records to get a view on multiple opportunities and quotes with the actual status.
    • Group related entity info to roll up data in one screen.
    • Clone Option to support faster and more efficient Single View Builder project implementations.


    Single View Builder provides the CRM user with contextual high-value experiences exposing the value-add of all data readily available, enabling them to acquire better insights and take the appropriate decisions faster, while:

    • Seamlessly working with standard and custom entities.
    • Providing Single Views that are directly accessible from your records in Dynamics 365 Views or Dashboards.
    • Allowing to perform contextual ‘actions’ e.g. data access and creation, without the need for extra navigation between disparate data collections.


    Top time-saving features include:

    • Seamlessly create and manage contextual data in one single screen.
    • Surface and visualize relevant data in an interpretable and actionable way.
    • Easy navigation between entities.
    • Quick access to all data without leaving your screen.
    • Faster data driven insights and decisions.

    Single View Builder is listed on Microsoft AppSource's approved certified library of Line-of-Business apps that work with Microsoft products and technologies, holding 2000+ quality partner ISV applications.  



  • feature-sales_journey_assistant

    Great Sales Journeys

    Leverage business by supporting your Sales Team with great tools. Plan, prepare and perform great with impactful Sales Visits.

  • Sales Journey Assistant - embedded in our Travata Dynamics 365 Solution - helps sales teams structure, organize, manage & document Sales Journeys with thorough planning & structured follow-up of face-2-face customer visits. Sales Journey Assistant leverages Dynamics through a 5-step process: qualify, preparation, visit, debrief and reporting.

    Sales Journey Assistant helps the CRM users with their customer visits allowing them to:

    • Translate all activities in a Sales Plan in a phased process & structured Visit Reports
    • Organize & manage customer visits generating Visit Reports based on templates
    • Qualify & prepare well upfront with adequate & relevant discussion points
    • Capture content of all customer encounters with high accuracy & completeness
    • Timely accomplish Customer Journey Planning (activity, travel & break duration) with Integrated Travel Computing & Optimization
    • Ask adequate questions, document pertinent outcomes, capture & communicate all relevant feedback
    • Open new opportunities, improve customer experience & loyalty, boost salespeople’s efficiency


    Top time-saving features include:

    • Process-led customer visit execution
    • Structured Visit Reports with templates
    • Efficient planning & orchestration
    • Prepare, manage, document & share discussion points
    • Follow-up efficiently with automated feedback & reporting
  • Feature_marketing

    Seamless Marketing Automation

    Use Traviata on top of Dynamics 365 to streamline marketing efforts and make them more effective.

  • Traviata offers a single automation platform to manage every aspect of every campaign from the same place, including but not limited to email and social media marketing, mobile messaging, and managing ads. We leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing:

    • Target audience segmentation
    • Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns
    • Campaign responses
    • ROMI (Return of Marketing Investment)
    • Automated Outbound and Personalized Communications
  • feature-key_insurance

    Business Process Optimization

    Clear, customer oriented and efficient Business Processes are vital.

  • Traviata can be your assistant to create true operational excellence.

    • Increase operational efficiency with automated workflows
    • Acquire new business: Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns
    • Improve Service: at key point of the client relationship (pre- or during renewal)
    • Benefit from Business Intelligence Capabilities (dashboard/reports): Agent/Broker productivity, new business success, customer loyalty/retention, claims processing,…
    • Integrate existing systems and solutions in a composite view 
    • Incorporate regulatory and compliance changes: automated approval workflowswith centralized and streamlined Claims Contacts Management