• Traviata as an Insurance Platform

    Traviata is more than a project and goes beyond a product, it embraces and embodies a platform strategy for Insurers. We recognize the fact that Customer Engagement (the main focus of Traviata) is only part of a bigger puzzle. If we talk about platform we can look at it from different perspectives. Here we take the “services” perspective and distinguish:

    • Customer Service & Centricity
    • Vertical Services
    • Horizontal Services

    Customer Service & Centricity

    This is the heart of "our Traviata solution" which includes the Microsoft Dynamics 365 foundation, Traviata and other CRM IP we have developed like "Single View Builder" and "Sales Journey Assistant". It covers the whole flow from lead to ambassador including B2C, B2B and Peer-To-Peer (P2P) processes. 


    Vertical Services

    Traviata is created by Realdolmen, a 100% Inetum company. In our group of +30,000 colleagues we have a lot of experience in the insurance sector.  Not only do we share this experience amongst us but also with our partners and customers. To take it one step further, we can even integrate those Insurance Industry-specific experiences by “leveraging” our Core Insurance solutions within the Inetum-group together with Traviata to complete the puzzle, e.g.  Cleva and I2S.


    Horizontal (Transversal) Services

    Within our Inetum-group we also collaborate with teams delivering horizontal services, transversal in use, potentially important and of value to the Insurance Business. Think about solutions covering "Customer Communication Management (Bdoc)" or "Enterprise Document & Data  Management (Rflow)". While in-house you can rest assured that the integration is seamless.