• Integration

    Many decades of experience has learned us that integrations often are the achilles heel of any IT project. Together with our partners we have realized many. Let’s zoom into some of those that might be to your interest. 

  • Platform-Bdoc

    Horizontal (Transversal) Services: Bdoc - Your partner in (Digital) Customer Communication

  • The Bdoc-integration with Traviata adds an interactive application for design and managing customer documents, providing you as Insurer to serve your end customer with personalised information at the right time, for the right use and on the right medium.

    • Customer Communication - both traditional documentary production (paper mail, print channels) and cross-media communication (email, smartphone, tablet, social media, etc.) - requires agility, adaptivity and personalization making it more useful and engaging.
    • Effective Customer Communication Management requires a centralized repository of document resources with standardised company’s document templates (covering customer relationship letters, notification mails, invoices, contribution requests, subscription management, loan or insurance offers, claims declaration, periodic statements, annual reports, ...). 
    • Bdoc-integration with Traviata guarantees a simple and controlled management of this communication whatever theproduction context (mass or on demand, automatically or in interactive mode) or the distribution channels (addressing printing or cross-media communication needs).
  • Platform_software

    Vertical Services: CORE Insurance Software Suites - Cleva & I2S

  • Realdolmen as part of the Gfi Group company, has multiple years of Insurance experience and a diversity of turnkey, powerful Insurance Industry Software IP you could leverage to respond to both current and future challenges within the insurance sector.

    • CLEVA: the only software suite for integrated management (ERP Front and Back Office) on the European market that covers the entire insurance and brokerage industry (personal insurance, life insurance, Fire, Accidents and Diverse Risks (IADR) and social welfare). More -> https://www.cleva.fr/
    • I2S: I2S is a software specialist for the insurance market with leading positions in Iberia and Africa, with the objective, together with its Cleva and Cogit suites, to build a complete end-to-end solution for insurance companies. More -> https://i2s.pt/
    • Inetum: present in almost 30 countries, is a leading provider of value-added IT services and software. Inetum occupies a differentiating strategic position between global firms and niche entities with its multi-specialist profile, the Group serves its clients with a unique combination of proximity, sector-based organization and industrial-quality solutions. They have a great footprint in the FSI Sector. More -> FSI
  • Platform-3rd_party

    Integration 3rd Party

  • Adopting of "Traviata CRM for Insurance Carriers" will support you implementing project needs in an accelerated manner. Some desired functionality will require use of other 3rd Party solution components again providing you several advantages:

    • No need to re-invent the wheel for every single defined challenge
    • Faster speed-to-value by reducing the development time required
    • ... and with it a lower associated development cost
    • Offloading technology pieces freeing up more time to focus on the core business
    • Agility and power to anticipate future needs in a fast-changing technology landscape

    Throughout other customer projects we have gained substantial experiences by integrating and testing 3rd Party Solutions including:

    • Digital Signing (e.g. DocuSign, …)
    • Rules Engine Software for CPQ (e.g North52,…)
    • Call Center Solution (e.g. Solgari, …) supporting features beyond common Omni-Channel capabilities